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List of 25 Activities To Keep Pandemic Blues Away

April 21, 2020

2020 looks like the scene from End-of-the-world kind of movies, the world is under threat from virus. Many countries are under lockdown and borders closed. Many of us have to self-isolate, to prevent the spread of Corona to save human life. The world has come to a standstill.

I had seen Contagion a long time back and thought nothing like this can happen to Our World. Sigh! I was so wrong. It was February 2020 and Corona pandemic was spreading like a wildfire. A disease infectious and deadly at the same time.

We all are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Everyone is experiencing a different struggle and emotional upheaval. Millions of people are in quarantine. Many lost their jobs and there are grief and uncertainty everywhere.

We are going through a difficult and unpredictable time. Our perceptions and requirements are completely different.

For some, it may be a time to rejuvenate and bond with family. For others, it may be a desperate financial & family crisis.

With social distancing helping to slow the spread of coronavirus, we have been forced to stay home. What to do while staying at home? The first and most important thing is not to spend too much time reading news about the virus. It will not help you.

I have been trying to change my mindset to use this time to make myself a better person by taking care of physical and mental wellbeing. A better human with enhanced skill.

This post is for those who are safe and healthy. And want to use this time to (re)discover themselves to help with their anxiety. I am listing all the activities that I think is possible that we can do at home during the self-isolation or lockdown period:

1. Binge Watching – When was the last time we didn’t think about watching the complete season at a stretch. I am not going to lie. I have always dreamt about it. We all have long lists of shows in our wishlists on Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime. So dig those lists and start watching your favourite one. If you don’t have any list don’t worry. You can do a bit of research and start with one.

Binge Watching

I have watched Game Of Thrones more than five times and I still love watching it. You love movies more than the series. Go Ahead. I have watched The Devil Wears Prada and The Holiday nth times and never get bored of it.

2. Declutter & Organise – Trust me this one will save you a lot of time later. You always thought or dreamt to organise everything. This is the time to go and find hidden treasures that you lost a year back. Start with one room and create a space you love.

To get inspired you may look for ideas on Pinterest. Remove old things which you haven’t used for more than six months. You will do fine without it.

3. Unsubscribe and Organise your Inbox – This one is my favourite. I learnt this in Sara Tasker’s 15 Minute Magic class. And I recommend it to everyone. We all have been there, hard to resist freebie and we decided to subscribe. And, now we don’t even open their emails anymore. Then it’s time you unsubscribe and organize your emails in folders if you want to.

I do keep my mails in relevant folders to save time while searching for them.

4. Declutter Laptop and Phone – After organizing my inbox I decided to organize my laptop and phone. To my surprise, I freed 120 GB space on my laptop. I am not kidding. There were many files/pictures in download folder that I didn’t even know they existed.

5. Bake – It’s therapeutic. You can treat yourself with baked cookies or pizza. I love the fresh-baked cake aroma in the kitchen. It instantly elevates my mood.

Fresh Bake Cake

6. Listen to Podcast – Well this is simple and you can do this while doing other household chores like cleaning or cooking. You can search podcast as per your interest and listen. You will not even realise when did you finish your work.

7. Pin It – If you are like me, I love to Pin home decor, travel destination, bucket list and my future self. It keeps me happily occupied.

8. Enrol in Online Courses – Online courses are an amazing way to invest time in personal growth or enhance your skill. There are many free and paid options depending on your interest. It will help to keep yourself busy and engaged.

Apart from this, if you are inspired by any influencers or bloggers you may check out their website if they offer anything of your interest.

9. Make a List Of To Do – There are so many works to complete in the house that we tend to forget. It’s a good idea to make a list of all small tasks that need to do in the house and try to finish a few of those each day.

10. Start New Hobby – We all have that little dream to become an artist or painter, photographer and lists go on. If there is anything that this lockdown has given us is limitless time. You have time and you can take out a brush or camera that hasn’t seen the sun for more than a decade. And start creating a few of your masterpieces.

11. Write Notes & Letters – You find it tough to express your emotions and affection. It’s time to take out your note and a pen. Write notes/letters to your spouse and kids telling how you feel about them. Give those notes while having dinner and they will be pleasantly surprised.

12. Reorganize Your PlayList – You may have many in your playlist that you don’t even remember that it existed. It’s time to refresh your playlist.

13. Listen to Music – Music will heal your soul and calm your anxiety. You may enjoy some music while cooking or sitting and sing along.

14. Plan Skincare Routine – We always promise ourself to start skincare after every new fine line we discover and then it takes a backseat. Now is a great time to try out a new skincare routine that you have been thinking about and give your face a new life.

15. Read Books – Everyone who isn’t a book reader has said this line once in their life “I don’t have time for books”. Well. Now you do. In this difficult time, it’s best to make a new friend and start your reading journey. If you can’t find any physical copy then you can start with Kindle or Audiobooks.

Reading Book

If you want you can set yourself a challenge to read a certain number of books during one week or 30 days.

16. Nap – I truly love this. Nap. Such a powerful word. It helps your mind relax and restore your energy. Even 15 minutes nap will help you focus and achieve more.

17. Meditate – Set time for meditation and you may also try to use your stocked essential oils and candles for that calmness feeling.

18. Candle Light Dinner – What happened if you can’t go out for date night to your favourite restaurant. You can try a new recipe or cook your favourite food together at home. Switch off lights and light few candles.

19. Warm Bath – Warm bath helps our body relax and unwind. You may stay in the tub or shower for as long as you want and come out rejuvenated.

20. Spend Time in Garden – If you have access to the garden, you may be able to take a walk or plant seeds in small pots. I enjoy reading a book in my garden and spend some time gardening with my daughter and little fur baby.

Toddler Watering the Plant

21. Write a Letter to yourself or your kids – Writing a letter, posting an old picture to your old school friend and rekindle the old friendship.

22. Ted Talk – If you still need some motivation to destress during this time of self-isolation and social distancing you may want to listen to one or two Ted Talk. It will help to lift your spirits in this dark and trying time.

23. Play Games – There are so many online games available that you can choose to play.

24. Repair Broken Things – It’s self-explanatory. While you have organised your home, you will find a few things which need to fix. If it’s possible to fix, fix it otherwise, move those items to garage or store to dispose of post lockdown.

25. Explore Creative Side – Write Stories, poems or small articles and post it on the blog. If you don’t have any and if technical details scare you then try Wix or Squarespace.

This time has also made us deal with things which haven’t been on our priority list. Either we were ‘busy’ or it was convenient to say we were ‘busy’.

Disclaimer – After going through this post, you will think either I am superwoman or have some sort of superpower. Please don’t think that as I am not working on these activities simultaneously. There are a few which I have already implemented and a few I am implementing while writing this post. And rest I have to try.

I hope this post will give you some inspiration and help you to make the most of your time while staying at home.

Are there any other activities/ideas that you think I’ve left and should add? If it is, please comment below and leave your suggestions so that I can include in the above list. If you find this post helpful, please do share it with your friend.

Stay home, stay safe and healthy! And remember, you are not alone, we are all in this together!


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