Zero Waste: Step Closer to Sustainability

February 27, 2020

One day while organising my studio, I came across a pile of unused fabrics. I didn’t know what to do however, I was sure I wouldn’t waste. I put those to good use by making table runner and patchwork quilt.

I hope you will understand the creator’s pain if you relate to a given hypothetical situation. You invite a few friends over dinner and cook their favourite meal for them. It took almost an hour for preparation and two hours of cooking time. Guests are too delighted and take their servings. 

Everyone seemed very happy with the meal however, they leave one-fourth portion of food on the plate. That meal is now discarded and no one wants or can eat it. 

What will be your first reaction when you see food being wasted, which you cooked with passion and love. How will you feel? Will you feel disappointed? Can you relate to weaver’s disappointment over discarded fabrics? They worked hard to weave magic from their hands and create that beautiful piece of art. 

Fabric waste is one of the biggest challenges in the apparel industry. Balancing the creation with waste is the need of an hour. The first and best option is to reuse. 

Indeed, “waste isn’t waste until you waste it.” “If you look closely, in nature, there is no waste, just materials to use to make something else. 

When a tree falls in the forest, it’s not garbage; it serves as a home for animals and insects, plants and fungi. Over time it degrades, enriching the soil with nutrients to support other trees’ growth.” – Quote from 

Only through conscious collaboration, we all can find a path to sustainability.  

I am growing ?my ability to use remnant fabric. Recently, I made a scrapbook with different fabrics. Do you have any other nice ideas for what I could make with my fabric scraps to achieve a zero-waste production model?


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